Door Styles
Buttons to the left are links to various door style options.  Because we are a truly custom shop, we can offer almost unlimited door styles.  We manufacture most of our doors in our shop or at our associated shop in Cannon Falls.  If a style is desired that we do not have the machining to produce, we can order it out from a specialized door manufacturer (Waltzcraft link button).

Generally, the links to the left are ranked from least expensive to most expensive.  Exceptions to this occur with certain inside/outside profiles and panel combinations.
Plain slab doors or drawer fronts are solid lumber or veneered solid core with stained / finished or painted surface coating.
Flat panel doors are 5 piece (or more depending on number of panels) construction.  The door consists of an outer frame of solid lumber and an inner panel of  veneered solid core material.  This door style is fairly resistant to warping.
Reversed panel doors are similar to flat panel doors except that the inner panel is constructed of solid lumber, and has a raised portion on the backside of the panel.  This style generally produces a better color & grain match with the frame than a veneered core panel as above.  This style is more resistant to warping than a veneered flat panel style.
Raised panel doors are similar to reversed panel doors above except that the panel is inserted in the frame with the raised portion to the front of the door.
This link is to a door manufacturer that we use for special doors for which we do not have tooling.  If doors are selected from this manufacturer, a price quote must be obtained from them by us before determining final project pricing.
These are a sampling of some of the profiles that are typically used for our doors.   Many other options are available.  The profile that is selected can affect the pricing of the doors.