Thompson Woodcraft cabinet features & specifications

1.All of our tops, bottoms, ends, partitions, and shelves are made of ¾” thick material with screw and/or wood glue and biscuit joinery ensuring decades of durability.  Many assembly techniques that are less expensive to manufacture and often used in mass production generally do not stand the test of time (the cabinets come off from the walls and sag away from the ceiling).
2.All of our cabinets have backs on them which locks them square and offers a clean look.  Many shops do not use backs leaving the walls visible with gaps between the cabinet components and the walls where dirt collects and small items are lost.
3.Flush face frames/flush finished ends: many less expensive cabinets are assembled with the face frames protruding above the bottoms and fixed shelves, which is annoying when loading and unloading a cabinet.
4.All of our cabinets that have plumbing of any sort in them are constructed of plywood so that if the plumbing leaks the cabinet will not be damaged as with particleboard core when exposed to water, again, ensuring decades of durability (not to mention salvaging the expensive countertops that are so often put on our cabinetry!).
5.All of our toe kicks are made out of plywood for the same reason.
6.Where cabinets or trim contact a wall, scribe is included so there will always be a clean transition from cabinetry to adjacent surfaces.
7.We use ¾” thick solid lumber toe skins with mitered corners for both insurance that your cabinets will stand up to the abuse that toe kicks experience and for the finished look of miters, we do not take short cuts that will compromise quality or beauty.
8.Highest quality and appropriately rated hinges, full extension drawer slides and roll-out slides are always used in our cabinets.  There are many less expensive options available, but our observation has been that these products are inferior, and will not stand up to use and abuse for long periods of time.
9.Because we are a small shop we carefully attend to every fine detail (softening corners, sanding out chatter/widebelt sanding marks, no cross grain scratches, no loose/stripped screws) with precision and consistency.  Lesser quality cabinets compromise on these details.
10.All of our drawers are constructed of  9-ply maple faced plywood or solid wood and equipped with full extension slides.  We always use ½” bottoms.  Our joints are always machined to have a tight fit and we secure the bottoms into the drawers in such a way that they will not fall apart or go out square.  They will function maintenance free for decades.
11.We have an extensive and always up to date knowledge of hardware, which yields the highest efficiency, functionality, durability, and beauty.
12.We always create fully height adjustable rollouts and shelves wherever they are needed.
13.Our shelves are always custom-engineered per cabinet to minimize sagging, and we make as many as are appropriate for each cabinet.
14.We have solid relationships with our suppliers that ensure that your cabinetry wood was harvested in sustainable manners and milled/manufactured in the highest quality.  You can also be sure that when you purchase our cabinets they will last longer than it takes for new trees to grow in replacement of the ones that we used.
15.When we are commissioned to install the cabinetry, you can rest assured that:
· The same attention to detail is paid in your home as was in the shop
· Your appliances will fit; your countertops will be square and level
· The rest of the crew (plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters, tile setters, painters, flooring people, and general handymen) will be able to finish their work without difficulty from our cabinetry and installation
· That your cabinets will be installed solid and will remain true for decades (except as caused from the shifting of the house or other external variables).
16.Our bid price is all-inclusive at any given time; up-charges occur when upgrades to design are done, bids are thorough and clearly explained with no hidden or looming charges (they include all foreseeable costs).
17.Even though no two jobs are alike, we take care to ensure that the reveals in your cabinetry are consistent within 1/32”.
18.We are a custom shop; we will offer your best price cabinetry but will do anything you desire for a fair price.
19.We do not allow nails, visible blemishes, or wood defects on any outside components or exposed interiors of our cabinetry.
20.We take the time to use special hidden attachment screws (and special glues where those are not possible) to join the face frames to our cabinets to ensure that there is no separation and most importantly no nails shot through the face of the cabinets
21.Because wood comes from trees, there will be natural variation in color, grain patterns, mineral streaking in maple, etc. 
22.Because we are a small shop, we are able to specially select for color & grain pattern from our inventory for the pieces that are going to be most visible in your home.
23.We select lumber for both beauty and functionality.  This means that your quality cabinets will be beautifully adorned with fine woods that will maintain their beauty and accuracy for decades, maintenance free.
24.We have a state of the art finishing facility and use the highest quality finishes that will stand the test of time.
25.We are able to custom match the existing woodwork in your home with our durable finishes.
26.We are able to provide finishing services (in our shop) for all the millwork in your current project if you so desire.